Become an Owner

Dunmore East Holiday and Golf Resort offers a unique and diverse range of accommodations and amenities for guests to enjoy. The mobile home park provides an opportunity for individuals to have their own private and owner-occupied mobile homes within the resort.

Dunmore East Holiday and Golf Resort provides support and assistance in the process of securing and placing a mobile home on site. The resort has partnered with trusted agents, Wallaces Mobile Homes and Kenneally Mobile Homes, to offer a range of options for purchasing a mobile home.

Once you have chosen your mobile home from one of the trusted agents, the agent will handle the transport of the mobile home to the resort. Upon arrival, the team at the park will be ready to receive the delivery and take care of the necessary installation. They will level, secure, and anchor the mobile home into its designated position, ensuring it is properly set up for your use and enjoyment.

This level of assistance and support provided by the resort and its agents can be very valuable, as it simplifies the process for individuals looking to have their own mobile home at Dunmore East Holiday and Golf Resort. It allows purchasers to have peace of mind knowing that professionals will handle the logistics and placement of their mobile home, making the transition to resort living more seamless and convenient. The collaborative efforts between Dunmore East Holiday and Golf Resort, its trusted agents, and their dedicated teams ensure a smooth and efficient process for acquiring and situating a mobile home within the resort.

Dunmore East Holiday and Golf Resort operates seasonally from March to October. The annual license fee, payable in January of each year, covers the ground rent for your designated pitch.

Register your interest Today

We currently have an extensive contact list for the purchase of mobile homes on site.

However, our contact list is always open, and we will be delighted to let you know when we have a suitable site available for your family. Please do contact the office on or telephone us on
051 383151 to register your interest in becoming a future owner.

The more information you can provide us with, the easier it will be for us to help you secure a place within our holiday community!

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